Biotta Wellness Week According To Alice & Stephan - Days 1 & 2

What is the Biotta cure?

Biotta Wellness week is a natural method of detoxification that works thanks to the combination of high quality vegetables and fruit. During the treatment, the body is supplied with important nutrients. This detox week is recommended for all healthy adults.

Stephan and I (Alice) have decided to try the Biotta cure and tell you about our experiences.

First, we had to find one week without appointments - no meetings, no important visits.

Sunday, the 15.9.2013 was our first day...The cure week takes 7 days, two of them are the days of introduction/adjustment and then readjustment, in which we combine the juices with a light diet (the first and the last day). During the other 5 days, we'll drink only the Biotta juices, tea and the flaxseed. Will we make it?

Day 1 - Impression Alice:
"Today seems to me like an ordinary day... I ate a lot, maybe too much. For breakfast I ate a Danito by Danone (Dannon)... at noon a Greek salad with bread and at dinner 2 roasted potatoes with ricotta and many spices and a boiled carrot. The plum juice is nice to drink."

Day 1 - Impression Stephan:
"I didn't have breakfast since I got up late. So I had lunch with pasta, broccoli and cheese. For dinner 2 boiled potatoes. I am fine!"

And now Monday - we both are at work and the challenge continues!

Day 2 - Impression Alice:
"Today, I feel a bit tired...I have a mild headache but I am not hungry. The ACE juice tastes delicious - I love the carrots. Vita 7 taste also very good - with tropical banana flavour. In the evening I drank the warmed up tomato juice, together with basil, rosemary and oregano...Delicious! So far so good!

Day 2 - Impression Stephan:
"I have a bad headache...and I only suffer from migraines 1-2 times a year!...I don't know whether this pain is due to the cure, but I'm afraid so...I'm not hungry. The wellness juice is good, but I don´t like vita 7 because of the strong banana taste. I drank the tomato juice cold. Very good!"

Curious about Day 3? Until tomorrow then...! :)

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