Biotta Cure Day 7

"If you haven't done this cure week, you can´t imagine how great it feels to get back to your normal eating habits! Let me tell you, you finally enjoy all the flavors of your food again, everything tastes so delicious. I suddenly pay more attention to how I eat, like chewing slowly! This morning I ate two pieces of toast with apricot jam - mm, delicious! :)

For lunch I had grilled vegetables and for dinner a nice warm roll with cheese (you know, I dreamed about it all week)! I even have the feeling that my stomach is not bloated at all after eating all that good stuff! I think the Biotta cure really did work for me! :)"

"Well, I can't be as happy as Alice! As you know, I had a real meal on Thursday! But yesterday I was a good boy and finished the juices!:) Today I had cereal for breakfast, and for lunch had pasta with tomato sauce, and in the evening I ate a salad. Even if my success isn't totally complete, I am very happy that I tried the Biotta Wellness week, because I really can recommend it to anyone! :)"

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