Smart Ageing With The Nutrients From Raab Vitalfood Smart Ageing With The Nutrients From Raab Vitalfood

The ageing process is the focus of many research institutions, such as the Max Planck Institute. Large tech companies provide an enormous budget to try to find answers to questions such as: Why do we age? How do we even know that we are ageing? We...

Discover Your Sport Discover Your Sport

Finding the type of sport that. The training effect also benefits from this! Here is a list of different sports to try.

Happy Hiking! Happy Hiking!

Hiking is a popular endurance sport, and rightly so. Find out why this is the case and what you need to watch out for.

Polyphasic Sleep - What's That?

Lately the term "polyphasic sleep" has been kicking around the Internet. This type of sleep is rumored to reduce the need for sleep and dramatically increase productivity due to the extra available time. Could this be true?

E-bikes on the Rise

In recent years, the e-bike boom has brought a lot of change to people's mobility. This is not really surprising, as electric bikes many healthy advantages.

High Intensity Interval Training- The New Hit Sport?

Today, no one has time anymore for time for long training routines, which is why high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is perfect for our busy lifestyles. In only a few minutes a week, we can stay fit. What is HIIT really like?

Biohacks for Beginners

Last week we took a general look at the "Biohacking" fad. Now let's take a look at a few hacks you can try as a beginner.

What's "Do-It-Yourself Biology"?

A new trend has popped up in the world called "Bio Hacking" or "Do-It-Yourself Biology" where people or small communities study self-optimization through the traditional lens of biology.

The Barefoot Running Trend

Barefoot running has become more and more popular in recent years. Paradoxically, however, the market has also developed special shoes to mimic this experience. We often hear this trend is full of risks, but is it?

The Fitness Trends for 2016

Forecasts of what's trending are always difficult to make. Nevertheless, we often enjoy these type of reviews at the beginning of the year. So, here are the new or still current fitness trends of 2016.

Current Diet and Nutritional Trends

When occupying oneself with the topic of weight loss, one is able to distinguish between trends. It soon becomes clear that diet and nutrition go hand in hand. Here are the current developments and trends.