Staying Healthy

Stress Management for Advent Stress Management for Advent

Good stress management is important to staying healthy and productive at work and at home. Here are a few tips to get the stress of the pre-Christmas season under control.

How to Avoid Burnout How to Avoid Burnout

When we're constantly moving and don't have time to take a break, that's the best way to burnout. Here are a few strategies for avoiding this.

Polyphasic Sleep - What's That? Polyphasic Sleep - What's That?

Lately the term "polyphasic sleep" has been kicking around the Internet. This type of sleep is rumored to reduce the need for sleep and dramatically increase productivity due to the extra available time. Could this be true?

The Inactivity Pandemic The Inactivity Pandemic

Sitting is the new "smoking", rumor has it, it is equally bad for you. Is that that true? Is physical inactivity really so harmful?

Perfect Food for the Brain Perfect Food for the Brain

Are you often in a bad mood? Do you have problems with concentration or are you tired quickly from mental exertion? Then maybe you should change your diet. Eat right, think easier.

A Little Look at "Sleep Robbers" A Little Look at "Sleep Robbers"

More and more people suffer from sleep disorders, which seems to be an issue of our modern times. Here you will learn a little more about common "Sleep Robbers".