Monday, 23. September 2013

Summary of the Biotta week

Who would have thought? - I survived the Biotta Wellness week and I'm doing just fine! :)) Therefore, this is already the first reason why I would recommend this diet to anyone! :)

The most important thing to do before starting is to find yourself a "free" friends coming for dinner, no invitations or visits, no appointments. Also, at work it should be a stress-free week, if there is such a thing. The best way to do this treatment is to peacefully stay at home where you can focus only on yourself and the cure. - I couldn't stay at home though and it took me month to find the right week! There was always something getting in the way. Finally I chose the week when my hubby would not be home so his good cooking would not tempt me and his eating would not disturb me. This made it so much easier, I can tell you that!

The best would be to do the wellness week with your partner, a friend or a colleague so that you can accompany each other through the days and motivate each other in tough moments. And yes, with Stephan it really helped a lot and it was so fun, since we teased each other and fooled around and talked about which juice was our favorite ! :) I think you have to see this week as a fun adventure for your body, mind and soul, rather than giving something up. :)

For all the smokers. No cigarettes during the cure! This was easy for me because I do not smoke anymore! :)

So never give up! They say the moment will come where you just want to quit, but you just have to think to yourself: "If they can make it, so can I!"...And I love to eat, so imagine my sacrifice! So, just don't give up, your body will be grateful! :)

I can therefore recommend this cure to everyone. I feel much lighter, I even lost 3 kg (hopefully it stays that way) :), I learned to drink more water, and when I eat I take more time and chew my food slowly. My belly become smaller and so did my stomach, therefore I'm keeping my light diet with light dishes. And even after 2 days and being back to "normal" food, my skin is shiny, my belly is flat and I have a ton of energy! :)

Are you also interested in doing the Biotta-Cure? Then share your experiences with us and we'd be glad to post it on Facebook! :)

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