Biotta Cure Day 3

Finally Day 3 - after the introduction and transition to the cure, we are looking forward to our different reactions.

"Today was horrible! They say that you eventually reach the point where you want to cancel the whole wellness week! I felt like this today! Actually I'm fine, I'm not hungery...I don't even have headaches anymore. At work, I'm just a little unfocused.

The real horror was the vegetable juice by Biotta! Yuck! I actually love vegetables but it became unbearable from sip to sip! Terrible! I really got sick from the red beet flavor...Its is the only vegetable which I can't stand! -So I ordered the pineapple juice again because that is the one that I love!

For dinner, I ate the warmed up tomato juice to at least have the feeling of solid food in my stomach because it´s very weird to drink cold juices all day long! Thank God, I love a warm tomato soup and everything would have been ok if my husband had not came home with freshly baked warm bread! I was begging and begging but he would not give me any!! I had to be strong and resist the temptation! Oh I so hope that tomorrow all will be better for me"

"Well, I really liked the vegetable juice, it's better than Vita 7 because the banana flavor was too strong and I don´t like bananas mixed with other fruits. I feel good today... I have less headaches than yesterday. Still, I can feel the change that this cure causes in me. I think Alice is exaggerating with the taste of the vegetable juice! She whines about it again and again..and in Italian! :)

In the evening, I drank the cold tomato juice! - what a lazy week! :)"

According to our colleagues, Svetlana, Teresa and Robert, this was a fun and crazy office day. They found Stephan and Alice quite nervous and made fun of them accordingly, showing them pictures of delicious dishes and their own food!:) - To be continued....

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