Fitnesstipps for Beginners

Starting something new can be a little challenging, which is also true for getting fit! Here's some useful tips for beginners!

Take the first step

Even if you've never been an athlete, taking the first step is a great start! Set yourself an achievable goal and start working on it.  Start a couch to 5K schedule, or set your sights on running a marathon next year!

Get out of your comfort zone

Just think of all the goals you could achieve if you put your mind to it! Try something new and shake up your routine!

Start with small goals

If you want to reach a big goal, like running a marathon, start with a couple of 5K races and build up your confidence and training plan accordingly! Slowly increase your distance as you go. Keep track of your results so you can celebrate your victories!

Shake things up!

Training the same way all the time gets boring, and your muscles quickly adjust to routine, which means you burn less calories and stop building muscle. Shake things up every few weeks to vary your training! Your muscles will adjust to the same load every six to eight weeks. Interval training is also a great way to switch things up! Try mixing strength training and endurance training to find a balance!

Get the doctor's ok!

If it's been a while since you were active, talk to your doctor before you start exercising. This is especially true for men over 45 years of age and for women over 55. Your doctor can help you tailor your training plan to meet your needs safely. 

Don't overdo it!

You can hurt yourself by going too hard too fast. Start slowly- for example, start by going for a 15 minute walk three times a week. Slowly increase your distance and quicken your pace to step things up! 

Eat Well, Eat Healthy! 

Training burns calories and stimulates the metabolism. To make sure you have enough energy for your activities, you need to eat right. A balanced and regular diet is important. Before training, it is good to consume carbohydrates for quick energy. After a long, very strenuous workout it is necessary to replenish your energy reserves with a carbohydrate-protein mix.

Drink enough!

Special sports drinks are only needed for really long or extremely strenuous exercises, otherwise, water will work just fine. Drink plenty of water! If you are dehydrated, your chances of getting muscle cramps increases! On hot days the risk of overheating also increases. Drink two or three glasses of water two hours before working out, and try to drink every 20 minutes during the day. Make sure to get a drink after working out too! 

Strength training is important

Even if you want to run a marathon - muscle strength is important! Strong muscles burn more calories, protect us from injuries and support the skeleton. Make sure to have at least two days off a week. 

Wearing the right clothes and enlisting a friend to help you stay motivated are also important when it comes to working out! Make sure your clothes and shoes fit well and are comfortable. Finally, learning the right technique for the exercise you're doing will help avoid injury. Watch training videos, join a fitness studio with a trainer to get some tips on how to work out right.