Weight Training for Women - Building Muscle Is Beautiful!

Beautifully shaped muscles instead of flabby tissue- what woman wouldn't want that? But how do you train for it, do you have to work really hard? How long will it take to tone your arms? Do you really need to drink protein shakes during training?

Questions, questions, questions- here come some answers:

  • Yes, you do have to put in a little effort if you want to change your body shape. However, there are programs for beginners at most gyms that will help you meet your goals. Initially, it is enough if you train twice a week, but it is easy to get caught up and want more. After all, not only will your muscles be better formed, but your whole body will feel better! After training, everything feels tighter,  your coordination improves enormously, and you might even start to enjoy going to the gym. Typically you lose the the most weight during strength training because it burns the most calories. 
  • As for those afraid of developing Schwarzenegger-arms, the facts are clear. There are very few women who can develop those muscle mountains because women simply have too little testosterone. The pictures that we've seen from prize fighters are exceptions. The goal is to define our muscles, not grow huge ones.

  • On the topic of protein shakes: the question remains: when should you drink one, before or after exercise? - When and how you drink one depends on the quality of the shake. 

Experts recommend drinking a protein shake about an hour before training. The proteins need about an hour to be absorbed in the blood and in the muscles. Drinking a protein shake after working out also works well. Strength training gives the muscles the impulse to grow, shape and become strong. This training stimulus can only be used for muscle building if same time enough protein is present in the body to build the muscle.

Are protein shakes harmful? - Usually not, but it depends on the dosage! Too much strain on the body, especially on the digestive track and kidneys, can be dangerous. In addition, when protein levels become too high, elimination of excess protein increases the excretion of some other associated minerals, minerals that the body needs.

Conclusion: weight training is a healthy sport for anyone who wants to improve their health, just remember that all good things should come in moderation, and that you shouldn't train without the help of a professional!