Bad Teeth Can Seriously Harm Your Health

Amalgam fillings, broken or rotten teeth, and infected teeth or tooth roots can cause interference in the body and thus be responsible for diseases or weaknesses of your organs.  Whether you believe it or not, good health is no joke when it comes to your teeth!

Firstly, we're not talking about crooked teeth or even unsightly teeth. Malpositioned teeth do effect our self-esteem, but thankfully do not usually have negative effects on our health. Today we are talking about defective teeth that are exposed, sensitive to pain, sitting in inflamed gums or gum pockets, suffer from tooth decay etc., etc.,

Any of these illnesses or tooth problems constitute a major health problem for the body. Rotten teeth are not only extremely painful, they can also trigger life-threatening diseases. These diseases include some forms of rheumatism, kidney disease, eczema and skin diseases, migrains and head aches, nerve pain or discomfort in the muscles and joints or heart problems. Infected gum pockets are real "polluters" in the body: the germs seep out of your gums and get into the lymph cells and the blood cells and are distributed throughout the body. Subsequently, they can cause heart attack, stroke, myocardial inflammation and pneumonia as well as enhance diabetes. They also can impact Alzheimers or Tinnitus. 

A special case in tooth-related health risks are amalgam fillings. They don't only affect the health of our teeth, but are harmful on their own! Mercury seeps out of the fillings in vapor from - 24 hours a day. If you chew down hard or drink something warm, the mercury is even more likely to be exposed. Unfortunately you can breathe the toxic heavy metal from the tooth filling with every breath and every bite. Since mercury accumulates in the body and is very difficult the remove, it may take years to notice its impact on your health.

Tips for healthy teeth:
• Avoid sugary foods (the bacteria in cavities loves sugar!)
• Take care of your gums by using soft toothbrushes and mouthwash 
• Clean your tongue regularly with a tongue cleaner 
• Ensure that you're getting sufficient calcium and magnesium intake .