Sport on Vacation?

There is such a thing as staying fit on vacation. If you haven't booked an active holiday, but a beach vacation or something similar, exercise often falls to the wayside. Often we are very motivated to get in shape for our holidays, but have a much more difficult time getting back on track once we come home.​

We all know what it is like to look forward to holidays. Once we are tehre, however, holidays are often an excuse to let go and enjoy ourselves without focusing on working out or eating healthy. Our training plans and eating habits are nixed with the phrase "but it's holiday" and we often fall into the well-known holiday trap: the buffets. Sport actually be enormous fun while on vacation. The magic word is variety.

Training on holiday will seldom be the same as at home. Your routine and familiar training areas will be left behind. This gives you the chance to try new sports, which helps you discover new types of work-outs and keeps you motivated.

Basically, it makes no sense to train just for the holidays. Weeks or months of hard work only for a week or two of beach vacation is too out of proportion to be healthy. The aim should be to be generally fit, twelve months a year, and to train for it.

The best part about staying fit on holiday is that it eliminates the back home slump you experience when you struggle to get back to your routine. In addition, you no longer have to train like a madman to 'get ready'. Training is ultimately not about building muscle, but counteracting the negative impacts of modern life. Additionally, dinner will taste a lot better when you can indulge with a clear conscience.

What happens when there are no sports facilities at the resort, or the hotel's gym is closed for remodeling? What if you forgot your running shoes at home? Even then there are ways and means. Exercises with your own body weight can be carried out anywhere, even in the hotel room. Here are a few:

  • Chest and biceps: the pushup is a classic and for good reason. To increase the effectiveness, the feet may be placed on the edge of the bed. Lower the body slowly and push up again. Do three sets of 15 repetitions and allow 120 seconds of rest in between.

  • Belly: lying on the floor, push yourself up on your forearms and hold a "plank" form for 20 seconds. Make sure that your back is straight and not hollowed. Then take a minute rest. Three repetitions.

  • Legs: turn your back to the wall (note the distance from the wall) and squat so that your knees are at a 90 degree angle. The flat of your back leans against the wall. Hold this position for 60 seconds. Do three repetitions with 120 seconds of rest in between.

  • Back: Lie on your stomach and raise both arms and legs. Now lower the left arm and right leg without touching the ground. Pull up and switch sides. Hold for twenty seconds then rest 60 seconds. Do three repetitions.

In addition, the effect of the biggest calorie traps on vacation can be countered with a few general behaviors. Avoid post-holiday flab by:

  • Listening to satiety: if you tired, you should stop eating.

  • Drink a lot: drink at least two to three liters per day to ensure that you remain hydrated. Often dehydration represents itself as hunger.

  • Avoid carbohydrates : eating carbs and sugar rich foods is the evening is bad. The body receives no energy from carbohydrates, and the body just reserves them as fat. Vegetables, fish and lean meats at dinner are best. Alcohol also should be avoided, because alcoholic beverages such as cocktails contain lots of sugar.