Dr. Ehrenberg - Pure Nature for Pure Health

The Austrian company Dr. Ehrenberg has specialized in the manufacture of food supplements from pure vegetable ingredients.


To prevent or cure illness, nature and medicine interact.. The CEO and namesake of the Dr. Ehrenberg, Michael Ehrenberger is confident of this fact. Illnesses all have triggers. Eliminating these triggers helps you recover.

Nutrition as an Important Building Block

Proper nutrition is the base of good health. Unfortunately, in today's hectic world, only a few people make the choice to eat well enough. This goes against the natural rhythms of nature. Dr. Ehrenberg produces natural food supplements, that restore our internal order again. The products are characterized by:

  • high raw material quality
  • the exclusive use of naturally grown raw materials
  • compliance with the synergy of active compound combinations
  • friendly production methods
  • the products are made by hand and packaged by hand
  • high bioavailability

Raw Materials with High Quality

Dr. Ehrenberg purchases raw materials from around the world. They have the best quality, come from wild collection, have organic quality and are checked for residues. It is based on naturopathy that has been known for millennia and have been confirmed by modern studies.

Made in Austria

All products are manufactured in southern Burgenland. There the plants are bottled in a way that protects their materials. Nearly all of the capsule shells are made of plant cellulose and the products contain no synthetic additives.

Dr. Ehrenberg also offers herbal supplements for various needs. These range from anti-stress to intestinal health and purification with minerals and antioxidants.