Fit & 50+ : Endurance Sports as an Anti-aging Program!

From the age of 50 onwards, the regeneration processes in the body slow and mental skills and motor skills decrease in function. The articular cartilage and intervertebral discs in the body shrink, and your oxygen intake lessens. In addition, the body begins lose strength and muscle mass. For this reason, the body's fat percentage increases, causing weight gain. There is good news though: you can do something about it!

In the past, people only lived to be 40 or 50 years old - today the average age for men and women is well over 80 years old. In order to live this long and have a halfway healthy experience, however, you must be mentally and physically fit.

The only thing that really helps with anti-aging is endurance sports! These include Nordic walking, hiking, biking, cross-country skiing or swimming. Jogging is unfortunately controversial due to its high impact on your joints.

Aerobic exercise will not only benefit the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system, but exercise can also have a positive effect on psychiatric disorders. In addition, exercise breaks down fat, strengthens muscles and bones and counteracts the weakening of the body that aging brings. Exercise can also be helpful for chronic inflammatory conditions. Endurance sports keeps your body healthy and improves your quality of life.

Exercise even has an impact on your brain. The more agile your body, the more agile your mind! Exercise can change insurmountable problems into small issues, can encourage new ideas, lowers stress and lifts your mood - making life happier, easier and healthier!

This said, everyone has limits. This includes the 50+ generation. Working out punishes the body! Therefore it can be useful to train with a computer that measures your pulse and heart rate. You can choose the right device for you based on your needs.

Even people getting up in years can increase their performance without having to work much harder. Many experts recommend working out alongside endurance exercises. Small agility and coordination exercises can make a big difference. Strength training to strengthen the muscles is never a bad idea! If you want to be fit, you need the drive to thrive. It's never too late to begin again!