The Fitness Trends for 2016

Forecasts of what's trending are always difficult to make. Nevertheless, we often enjoy these type of reviews at the beginning of the year. So, here are the new or still current fitness trends of 2016.

For the tenth consecutive year, the American College of Sports Medicine took a major survey of experts to predict the fitness trends for 2016. Forty possible trends were selected that were then put to the vote. These trends were sent to 26,933 experts, academics and journalists in the fields of health and fitness, who assessed the individual trends with scores of 1-10, with ten being the "trendiest".

Since the fitness industry is constantly evolving, we are not yet sure if the predicted trends will turn out to be so trendy as we anticipated. Will new trends make headway this year, or will we stick to older ones?

Let's look at the results of the new trends that were predicted:

  1. Wearable Technologies:
    Although this technology that includes fitness trackers, heart rate monitors and smartwatches is not very old yet, the market is already booming. This will intensify over the next few years, with new product categories such as smart glasses and smart textiles being added.

  2. Body Weight Training
    This trend has become popular in recent years. Body weight training exercises are fitness exercises that can be done using one's own body weight. Pushups are a classic example. Today this type of training is offered by more and more gyms. This is because almost no equipment is needed for this convenient form of training, which will remain popular in the coming years.

  3. High Intensity Interval Training
    This type of training is all about short, intense units that are constantly replaced by short regeneration phases. A HIIT workout usually lasts only 30 minutes, which is why it is especially popular among people who do not have much time.

  4. Strength Training
    A classic that continues to be very popular because it is an integral part of any good training program.

  5. Professional fitness trainers & experts
    The various training programs utilizing professional fitness trainers and experts are booming. There are fewer places than there are interested people. For years, this type of training has grown in popularity and offers certificates and seminars for customers. This provides a competitive advantage in the highly competitive health market. At the same time, customers have the advantage of being able to select from a large pool of professional resources.

  6. Personal Training
    Since there are more and more professionally trained fitness trainers, also increases the personal training services in all areas of the health and fitness industry.

  7. Functional Fitness
    This type of training simulates the ordinary, everyday movements of everyday life. This means that the muscle groups that are needed most often are specifically strengthened. Strength training should improve balance, coordination, strength and endurance.

  8. Exercising for Elderly People
    The population is aging and more and more want to keep fit. Therefore, the development of fitness programs for older people plays an increasingly important role in personnel training.

  9. Sport & Weight Loss
    This is a combination of fitness training and programs with the goal of weight loss through calorie reduction. With the increasing number of overweight people in industrialized nations, it is not surprising that this category ended up in the top ten. The combination of light exercise and diet is an effective way to lose weight or to keep it. Moreover, the two areas complement each other perfectly.

  10. Yoga
    This category includes all kinds of Yoga, whether Power Yoga, Bikram Yoga, YogaLates etc. Yoga's many variety of forms keeps it exciting and new which makes it an attractive way to improve strength.