Overly Acidic? - Rebalance Your Body!

The first symptoms of being overly acidic are fatigue, listlessness and little energy. If you overlook these warning signs, they will worse over time. The causes of over acidity are usually poor nutrition or a stressful lifestyle.

Sour, acidic food can be fun, but our bodies don't always agree. Our bodies are ideally made of 80 percent bases and only 20 percent acids. Our nutrition habits tend to reverse those numbers, which is when we have to be careful. The sooner you recognize an acid imbalance, the sooner you should act. To counteract the effects of an acid imbalance, it is best to treat the body from the inside and out simultaneously.

 Base baths are great for the whole body. They contribute to the elimination of the acid on the skin and help regulate the acid-base balance. You can also add a few packets of baking soda into a footbath to make a homemade bath treatment. Internally, you can treat the problem with a base cream soup. Of course you can also just take base capsules, powder base supplements or drink a harmonizing tea. Special salts (like no. 9 Phosporicum sodium or no. 23 sodium bicarbonate) or selected Bach flowers also help your body to come back into balance.

Not to be forgotten is your diet: only a quarter of your diet should consist of acids. This requires drinking a lot of pure water (without carbonation!). Coffee, black tea, alcohol or sugary soft drinks are to be avoided. 

In order to reduce acidification, it is also helps to get out in the fresh air. Exercise, exercise, exercise!! Exercise produces cleansing sweat and helps you to relax. Relaxation is key! Whether you relax through yoga, reading a good book or using special techniques, relax!

By the way: The acidic scale ranges from 0 to 7 in the acidic range and from 7 to 14  in the base range. Blood has a constant of about 7.4. To determine your own personal acid-base status, there are test strips you can purchase for your own measurements.The test strips are made of an indicator paper that responds to urine. It need not match the typical blood constant exactly, but your blood should always be more basic than acidic.