Micronutrients for Women

Micronutrients for Women

Life is full of adventures and challenges - whether it's your first menstrual period, a growing baby bump or challenges at work. Every woman has her own personal tips and tricks to master them. But what they all have in common is the desire to stay healthy. A balanced micronutrient level as part of a healthy and well-rounded diet forms the basis for this. In everyday life, iron, B vitamins and zinc are particularly important for every woman.

Iron for Energy Metabolism

Especially on hectic days when you have to go from one appointment to the next, physiological support from trace elements comes in handy. Because it is important for the energy metabolism and helps to counteract tiredness and fatigue. Young women should pay particular attention to their iron balance because they lose up to 40mg of iron every month through menstruation. In addition, it's an important companion in a very special phase of life: Pregnancy and breastfeeding. It supports the female body in blood formation and cell division. Therefore, pregnant women particularly benefit from an extra helping of iron.

B Vitamins for Strong Nerves

When it comes to juggling your professional and private life, vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12 come into play. They help ensure that stress cannot harm the psyche and these B vitamins also ensure a healthy energy metabolism. If the desire to have a child is awakened, folic acid (folate) is a strong partner: B vitamins are important for cell division and the development of the placenta and should be taken as a supplement when you want to have children.

B-vitamins and birth control pills: If women use a classic combination pill, an extra portion of B-vitamins is particularly important. This is because the estrogen it contains can throw the nutrient balance off course.

Zinc for a Radiant Appearance

A hectic day-to-day life not only imbalances the inside of the body but the outside, too. You quickly notice certain stresses on your body. Skin, hair or nails are like a mirror that reflects how you feel on the inside. In order not to lose any of their radiant appearances, zinc can make a valuable contribution to maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails. But the versatile trace element can do a lot more: It helps the immune system and is also involved in acid-base metabolism.

Micronutrients for Menopause

Menopause turns the life of many women upside down. Around the age of 45, not only does the female body change, but also the individual need for certain micronutrients. Magnesium with vitamins B1, B2 and B6 forms a strong team for a healthy psyche and ensures that you can go through this changeable time calmly. Vitamin B6 is not only good for the nerves, but it also helps regulate hormonal activity. Isoflavones, hops and lignans are also often part of recipes that are specially tailored to the needs of women going through menopause.

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