Fit Through the Holidays

Fit Through the Holidays

The holiday season is certainly beautiful. The decorations are carefully hung and maybe you'll even have snow. In the midst of all this cheer, it can be a challenge to stay away from sweets. Chocolate, biscuits and goodies tempt us from every corner! Here are a few tips for navigating holiday temptations.

How to deal?

During Christmas or Hannukah, sweet treats are everywhere. Holiday meals are hearty and food is plentiful. If you try to completely cut out goodies, this plan can lead to cravings and backfire. Here is what to do instead:

Never start with an empty stomach

No matter where you go during the Advent season, whether it's a party or Christmas market - it's always a good idea not to do it on a completely empty stomach. The hungrier you are, the harder it is to resist goodies. So before you go, eat a filling and healthy meal. This curbs your desire and keep your snacking to a reasonable amount.

Make good choices

Choose hot chestnuts, nuts, fruits, fish or lean ham over other fattier treats. You can still enjoy these classics without going overboard.

Sharing is caring

It's ok to sample the goodies, but you don't have to take a lot from each dish. Sample a small amount or share your portion.

Alcohol is a trap!

Watch out for mulled wine! Alcohol in combination with tons of sugar can really do you in. Stick to one drink to save a lot of calories. Beware- even punches or pre-mixed fruit teas can be full of sugar!

Bake the right biscuits

Just make healthier versions of your favourite goodies! Try substituting whole wheat flour and avoiding refined sugar - try using nuts, dried fruits and delicious spices to flavour your treats.

Enjoy food that needs to be cracked or peeled

Food that takes longer to prepare helps us eat less. Tangerines and nuts are great holiday snacks that still get us in a holiday mood.

Go for a walk

What could be better than taking a walk together? This stimulates the metabolism and burns calories. A daily walk can be the best weapon when it comes to maintaining your weight.

Keep up your gym routine

Although there are lots of distractions during the holidays, stick to your gym schedule. This helps you regularly burn calories and stay in the swing of things.

We wish you a wonderful, beautiful and contemplative Hannukkah and Advent season!