Crawling - The New Fitness Trend?

"Crawling" is a new fitness trend from the USA, and it's making its way to Europe. What on earth is this kooky trend? 

Crawling has taken social media by storm in America, and it is already catching on here in Europe. The trend looks a bit odd- imagine large groups of yoga-clad adults crawling around: that's not something you see every day! Here's a few explanations for the latest craze:

The Method to the Madness

Crawling is very important for the development of motor processes in babies. What is good for babies, can also be good for adults. This is the basic idea behind this sport.

Crawling sees itself as a holistic fitness method. Not only the muscles but also the brain and nervous system are stimulated with this trend. Crawling requires concentration as you must thoughtfully and deliberately measure your movements, otherwise you lose your balance and fall.

How Does It Work? 

Crawling builds on proven training methods, combining old ideas with new ones. The ultimate goal is to improve your coordination and your muscle strength. While you are crawling, you need to focus on your breathing and your motor coordination. This makes the sport very physically demanding, and also highly efficient training. Physical therapists have been using these tips for years!

The crawl is based on so-called "planks". The crawl is a variation on planks in different positions. You may shift your weight onto your forearms, but not for long. These isometric exercises are very effective, and promise quick results. 

The Advantages

Crawling is cheap, efficient and flexible. This is simply because no equipment is required for this workout. Your own body weight is enough to get you going. Each exercise uses multiple muscle groups and works together with your nervous system. This combined feature of the exercise means that your body is highly engaged. 

Who is this Useful for? 

Anyone can crawl, but if you have knee problems or problems with your neck, shoulders or wrists, you might be better off without it. These areas on the body are heavily used in the sport. 

Nothing  New

Some praise crawling because the arms, legs, hips, shoulders and even fingers will experience a completely new, unique training experience. It is said to reset the nervous system, increase coordination skills, and improve body consciousness. Others say crawling is nothing new. Many similar approaches have been used for years, they just never became as popular.

The way it looks, it's only a matter of time before someone asks you if you want to give crawling a try. We wish you elegance and luck as you scrabble around on all fours! Give this very efficient training method a try! Enjoy!