New Sports Trends

Now there are many different ways to get fit, whether you are training using your own body weight, with trendy or classic equipment, at the gym or at home. With this wide range of possibilities, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. These days new types of fitness equipment is invented almost daily. Some of these new types of fitness equipment are really successful! Trying new fitness routines can prevent your normal routine from getting stale, and also keeps away worry and boredom. Here are a few trends that are interesting this year.

General Trends

Online Workouts

Today, the Internet opens up a whole wealth of information. It was only a matter of time before complete fitness programs appeared on the Internet. Meanwhile, there are now holistic offerings that include everything from exercise videos and instructions to recipes: everything an athlete's heart desires. Networking with social media just adds a competitive element. Now we can challenge each other to different fitness tasks and share the results.


Experts say that this year the year the so-called Smart Watches will be making their final breakthrough. Watches and other portable devices measure the health data of their users, measuring our steps, heart rate and calories burned, as well as the duration of our sleep. Almost all body-related data can be collected and sent to your smartphone or device where the data can be analyzed using specific apps. 

New Equipment


The Koreball is a new fitness machine that was invented in America. It is a mixture of a kettlebell and a medicine ball can be used for various exercises. Since the Koreball is "folded", it can also used on the go without any problems.


This system was developed by a group of Dutch speed skaters. They wanted to have the opportunity to workout outdoors like they did at the gym. It is a device that is intended to replace the gym. DISQ consists of a belt with resistance bands, which are attached to the ankles carried in your hands, or both simultaneously. A whole series of training exercises can be completed using this one item. 

Discovered classics

Punk Rope

Ever heard of it? The Punk Rope been around a long time, but now it has a modern name and has been combined with other moves to make a trendy sport. Punk Rope is a fitness program from New York that involves a mix of jumping rope, calisthenics, fitness games and core training. The whole body is trained, burning up to 600 calories per hour.


Even the trampoline is experiencing a renaissance at the moment. It represents a real alternative to  treadmill and cross-trainer. The training is easy on the joints and strengthens the deep core muscles. On the trampoline, balance and strength exercises can be done in addition to fast and slower jumps, saving time. Ten minutes on the trampoline are as effective as 30 minutes jogging.