Panaceo Guarana

The natural "pick-me-up"!

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • The natural "pick-me-up". 80 or 180 capsules.
  • Relieves tiredness and lack of drive.
  • Brings new energy.

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Why Guarana?

Everyday stress, long working days, travel, environmental toxins or stress often lead to listlessness, lethargy and fatigue.

PANACEO Guarana is a 100% natural and stomach-friendly pick me up, which relieves the body and brings new energy.

It exerts its effects within 20 to 30 minutes and lasts for up to 6 hours!

How does it work?

You can forget about tiredness and lethargy.
Concentration, perception and performance increase significantly.
In addition, PANACEO Guarana reduces hunger, and coupled with its increased metabolism may even lead to weight loss.

Recommended Usage:
When you feel tired, take 3-6 capsules with water.

Guarana Ingredients

1 capsule contains:
Zeolite(Detoxification and antioxidant)
The zeolite is a naturally occurring volcanic rock. Numerous studies demonstrate the outstanding toxin-binding and health-promoting properties of the zeolite. 205 mg
Guarana (a natural energizer)
Guarana is a native of the Amazon basin liana. The seeds of the fruit contain about. 4-8% caffeine as a dried powder. 205mg

Capsule: 100% plant cellulose

Manufacturer: Panaceo
Pharmaceutical form: Capsule

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