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Amaiva takes your health very seriously. Therefore, they offer dietary supplements developed with well-known healing knowledge from Ayurveda, which is based on herbalism and modern scientific findings as well as 100% natural ingredients.

The products are regularly checked by a German independent laboratory to ensure their safety. They are not only effective, but also environmentally and socially sustainable.

About Amaiva

We love to be "green"!

As a small family business, a sustainable and environmentally conscious attitude has always been very important to us. Sustainability is an issue that we constantly pursue with passion. Our corporate responsibility is reflected in all of our decisions.

The Green Dot

We pay close attention to resource-saving and environmentally friendly materials in our packaging. When it comes to our organic tea, we want you to be able to enjoy the fresh quality even a month or two after buying. Our largely seamless and environmentally sound packages are made of recycled material. When it comes to packaging, we are constantly looking for even better solutions.

Our organic certification

Many pay attention to an organic seal because it promises a certain level of quality and health. What few people know is that the organic label has a major impact on agriculture and on our environment. Only through clear labeling of organic products, can the demand for certified organic foods continue to grow. Those who buy products with the organic seal join a growing group of consumers who favor natural and pesticide and herbicide-free cultivation. In addition to the health aspects of our products, a great deal of our herbs and ingredients also come from organic farming.

Our quality promise:

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Ecological & socially sustainable production
  • Very high bioavailability