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Ayurveda tea in organic quality! Try the green tea!

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The wonderful Green Tea
Green tea has some of the highest amounts of positive effects!

Green tea not only convinces with its unique taste, it also has many other positive attributes. In addition to potassium, fluoride and magnesium also contains vitamin A, B, B2, B12, C and E.

The caffeine in tea differs enormously from the caffeine in coffee. Caffeine is not bound to calcium, but to tannins. Thus, the effect is more delayed, longer-lasting and gentler than coffee.

Ayurvedic Tea in Organic Quality by Amaiva

What makes a good Ayurvedic tea?

Those looking for medicinal herbs teas with original ayurvedic formulas, have found their match with our authentic organic blends.

Carefully working with Ayurvedic experts from around the world, we have revived ancient recipes using local herbs. We believe that genuine Ayurvedic teas do not have to be made with Indian herbs. We enable high-quality organic herbs in medicinal quality. All our teas are mixed individually by hand with a lot of love. They stay true to the millennia-old tradition of Ayurveda.

The difference you will taste and feel it. Enjoy!

  • From original Ayurvedic recipes
  • All ingredients from organic farming
  • Loving mixed in our small tea factory