Body Care Products by SOJALL

Certified, sustainable, natural and uncomplicated! SOJALL body care products can be applied to the face as a liquid or cream and on various parts of the body like the muscles and joints. Discover remarkable skin and dental care products that are free of fluorides, foaming surfactants, aggressive abrasives, preservatives, fragrances and dyes.

Body Care: 6 products


  • SOJALL Anolin M

    SOJALL Anolin M

    50 ml, 150 ml
    • Cares for the mucous membranes
    • Made from natural crystal salts
    • For spraying
  • SOJALL Mundil
    • Radiant teeth for all ages
    • Suitable from the first tooth onward
    • With natural salt and mint
  • SOJALL Pro Life

    SOJALL Pro Life

    50 ml, 150 ml
    • Natural protective skin coat
    • For skin and mucous membranes
    • Also suitable as a mouthwash
  • SOJALL Derm Liquid
    • Free from emulsifiers
    • Suitable for sensitive skin
    • Contains lactic acid and silicium
    • With valuable vegetable oils
    • For the face, hands and body
    • For rough & dry skin
    • Ideal for athletes

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