BE THE CHANGE - Premium Quality Food and Nutritional Supplements

Made with the best ingredients, carefully processed, 100 percent «Swiss made» and largely climate-neutral.

BE THE CHANGE manufactures effective, healthy food and nutritional supplements that are manufactured according to the motto "Food for your goals" under the highest quality standards in Switzerland. Founder Sven Altorfer believes it is important to understand how the biochemical processes in the body work when it comes to nutrition, and develops the brand's products according to the latest research in nutritional science.

BE THE CHANGE is not explicitly aimed at athletes, but all people, as it is generally difficult to actually meet the body's daily requirements for vitamins and proteins through our diets in today's world.

BE THE CHANGE chooses every ingredient they use carefully and makes sure that there are no artificial preservatives in their products. The raw materials come from Switzerland and from organic agriculture. Ingredients that are not available in organic quality are obtained in the highest possible quality using short transport routes. Even the packaging was developed "in-house" and can be composted directly on the brand's compost heap.

BE THE CHANGE - good for you, good for the planet.

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