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The AromaStick Idea

The AromaStick concept combines natural scents with an easy to use applicator: just open, hold under your nose, and smell.
Fragrances consist of hundreds of different molecules that activate the limbic system in the brain and trigger an effect. This area of the brain is responsible for homeostasis, mood, emotions and memory. Depending on the composition, fragrances can quickly affect the body in a targeted way, making them very effective.

Features of AromaSticks

  • Contain 100% essential organic oils
  • Free of additives, carrier oils and artificial fragrances
  • Proven effective by studies - research has also shown that the fragrances from an AromaStick are 300% more effective than pure room fragrances.
  • The right stick is available for any mood - relaxing and activating fragrances are combined for the best effect
  • The patented filter prevents the oil from getting into the plastic
  • Made in Switzerland