waterdrop - Valuable Micro Drinks made from Natural Ingredients

The total taste explosion - without shaking or stirring!

The waterdrop microdrinks are small granulate cubes made from natural plant and fruit extracts - low in calories, without artificial additives and sugar. Here, fruit and plant are "concentrated" to the essentials. The liquid is gently extracted until the fine extracts can be gently pressed as granules. Thus, the finest ingredients in the world are packed into a single cube.

This makes it easier for people who do not like pure water to satisfy their liquid needs. At the same time, the water is also enriched with valuable vitamins and minerals from the fruits and plants used. A great alternative to tea, lemonade or juice - also for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women or diabetics!

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Lots of content, less packaging!

The waterdrops cubes are very sensitive because they contain fresh plant and fruit extracts. However, unnecessary, artificial preservatives are avoided. To ensure freshness and longevity, the cubes are packed in a wafer-thin casing that is 97% recyclable. This means that waterdrop saves up to 98% of CO₂ emissions compared to conventional plastic bottles.