Essential for cellular energy production!

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  • Antioxidants
  • With Citrus oil
  • With Ubiquinol

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CoQH-CF contains Ubiquinol, a reduced form of Coenzyme Q10 (to ubiquinone). A unique release system protects the contents of the sofgels from oxygen.

Ubiquinol arises in the course of respiratory chain deficiency directly from coenzyme Q10 (co Q10) and is essential for cellular energy production. CoQH-CF, especially people who can produce no ubiquinol due to oxidative stress or illness, it offers the possibility to maintain an adequate ubiquinol mirror.

The soft gel capsules contain a small amount of liquid caramel dye, to protect the contents from light.They also contain the organic solvent of D Limonene oil (orange), as well as small quantities of Caprin-and Caprylic acid, so that remains attached to alpha lipoic acid in solution.


A soft gel contains:

Ingredient Lot
Ubiquinol-QH (Crystal-free Kaneka QH ™) 100 mgother ingredients

More ingredients: Citrus oil, gelatine, glycerin, water, caprylund caprine acid, alpha lipoic acid, caramel

Directions for use: Daily 1 softgel or as recommended by your doctor

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