Natural Crunchy - a Different Kind of Snack

Natural Crunchy has been developing organic snacks for almost ten years now.

Timea & Gerhard of Natural Crunchy:

"Committed to swimming and triathlons, we needed a snack that we could enjoy after training without a guilty conscience.

In other words, we were looking for organic ingredients, sustainable production and environmental commitment (no palm fat!).

Our passion for healthy food and the desire to make high-quality organic snacks affordable for everyone inspired us to develop these innovative snacks. "

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Traditional munchies such as chips or peanut puffs usually contain a lot of fat and short-chain carbohydrates, ie sugars. These are empty calories.
Lentil sticks, on the other hand, consist of high-fibre and high-protein lentils that contain a high content of iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc as well as vitamins A and B, as well as complex carbohydrates.