Life Light pHsan® plus Combination Package

Stregthens the acid-base balance

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Combination package
  • pHsan 60 capsules + Gymea Lily
  • Correa 20 ml of distillate

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Gymea Lily (Doryanthes excelsa)

  • The botanical name of this stunning plant comes from the Greek: "doratos" which means spear and "anthos" which means flower, Excelsa is derived from the Latin word "excelsus", meaning high, proud and extraordinary.

Negative meaning:

  • Extroverts or dominant, ruthless and charismatic people who automatically look for rank, importance and fame and are characterized by arrogance and intolerance or power over others. The resulting anxiety, fear and intimidation oppresses and dominates people's lives, keeping them in a self-made prison.

Positive meaning:

  • This unusual plant, supports humility and modesty. Gymea Lily people modify their behavior allows oppressed people to express themselves and contribute their part to the society. Through awareness, appreciation, recognition and respect for others arises a strength that makes achieving goals possible.

Correa is a tall shrub with bushy foliage and beautiful pink, bell-shaped flowers that bloom in spring.

Negative meaning:

  • Dissatisfied, disappointed and disheartened people learn from their own mistakes, to bail them out from negative personal situations.

Positive meaning:

  • This essence of acceptance promotes trust and respect for yourself. People who recognize their own potential, respect their boundaries, learn from their mistakes and overcome their negative self images.

pHsan® offers a blend of minerals and trace elements

Recommended use:

  • Gymea Lily + Correa distillate: take 5 drops directly in the mouth in the morning.
  • pHsan: consume 2 capsules daily before meals with water.
Manufacturer: Life Light
Pharmaceutical form: Capsule, Liquid
Categories: Minerals & Trace Elements, Specials/Wellness


pHsan® bases forming mineral complex: magnesium citrate, tri-calcium citrate, magnesium oxide, zinc carbonate basic, microcrystalline cellulose (filler), L-selenomethionine, manganese gluconate. Capsule shell of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.

pHsan® Gymea Lily + Correa distillate of aromatic herbs: Aqua, Brandy, Doryanthes excelsa, Correa alba, at least 16% Alk./Vol..

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