Cordyceps - Caterpillar Fungus by Hawlik

From the highlands of Tibet

In the Tibetan highlands where it is at home, cordyceps sinensis has been popular for ages – not only for humans but also for animals. The shepherds noticed the potential of the Cordyceps after their sheep grazed on it. After noticing that the sheep possessed incredible resistance to disease, longevity and fertility, the Cordyceps became a popular tonic and aphrodisiac.

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The Energizer

Caterpillar fungus looks very much like a caterpillar and comes from the tibetan highlands. 

The small, inconspicuous mushrooms settled there and were food for the grazing animals. When the shepherds noticed that the sheep were showing amazing vitality and fertility, they discovered the fungus.

Only the mycelium is extracted from the mushroom. This raw material is called CS4. The breeding is carried out using a nutrient solution without the use of wood or straw. The result is an absolutely pure and highly effective fungus.