Hanfred Premium Hempfood

100% dog food with hemp from Austria.

Hemp and the CBD it contains are already enjoying great popularity. However, what many people are not aware of is that animals, such as dogs, can also profit significantly from the plant. Whether as a reward in the form of treats or as a fine powder to supplement food - this pet food with hemp is a regionally produced, Austrian natural product that you can serve to your pet with a clear conscience.

"The love for our animals and the connection to our homeland are the driving forces to go new ways and set new standards." Hanfred

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Cultivation and Harvest

Only the uppermost inflorescences of the hemp plant are used for Hanfred's premium products. The hemp plants are grown in beautiful south-eastern Styria in the middle of the Styrian volcanic region. There, the hemp can grow naturally, without artificial fertilisers or pesticides.
The manual harvesting, processing, selection and packaging also takes place on-site, guaranteeing not only hand-picked products but also a sustainable and resource-saving processing chain.