Froximun AG Froximun Skin Suspension 300 g

For Your Skin!

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Pure natural product
  • Against chronic skin diseases

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Froximun AG Skin Suspension


For five millenia Silicon-rich clays and earths are used as a remedy. These applications were made among others for chronic pain, chronic diseases, for wound healing, skin diseases and ulcers. Clay applications in similar indications are still common worldwide. The only condition for this application is that at least 50% of silicon dioxide in the clay is contained.

The raw material MANC (modified and activated, natural Clinoptilolite) used in the Froximun ® Skin SUSPENSION contains 70-75% silicon dioxide and over 30 different minerals. MANC also has the ability of absorption / adsorption by ion exchange, and acts for the external application on detoxifying the body by binding biogenic amines (histamine in particular), which is formed for injuries on or under the skin (e.g. inflammation).

Manufacturer: Froximun AG
Pharmaceutical form: Care & Cosmetics
Use:: After exercising

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