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Energy Cake - The world of energy snacks. An energy bar developed in Austria has succeeded in German-speaking countries because of its efficiency and taste.

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Energy Cakes - Suitable as a snack!

We all know how important nutrition is. Nutrition influences our daily lives, but especially influences our sporting activities. If you want to be successful in your workouts, you need to have a good supply of energy. With these simple oatmeal bars you get a great snack between meals. The oatmeal provides a 70 percent carbohydrate content and inverted sugar syrup and 6 percent high quality protein turn these bars into real powerhouses.

One advantage of the bar is that you will have no unpleasant feeling of fullness afterwards, so you can either enjoy it before or just after exercise. Thus, the energy bar is suitable for amateur athletes as well as professionals. The Energy Cake bars are handmade and are available in 13 different flavors, and fit perfectly into your pocket.

Since "hardgainers" require a diet high in carbohydrates, the Energy Cake is also ideally suited for this purpose.