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BjökoVit offers vegan nutritional supplements of the highest quality. The products are made in Germany using high-quality ingredients for the best effectivity.

All BjökoVit products are vegan certified.

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What does "vegan" mean in terms of supplements?

  • BjökoVit avoids cheap but controversial ingredients such as lactose or gelatine. Instead, the manufacturer uses herbal ingredients such as cellulose, natural macadamia nut powder or rice flour as fillers. Rice flour is gluten-free, so it has a natural advantage over cheaper ingredients.

Why are the products made in Germany?

  • Germany has the strictest quality control policies. The supplements must be regularly verified and certified by independent laboratories.
  • The products are tested for residues from pesticides or components of genetic engineering. This ensures that you receive only genuine premium supplements from BjökoVit!