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Diabetes is a disease you can prevent. Superfoods such as stinging nettle powder or maca, vitamin D, probiotics, magnesium and botanicals have a supportive effect in preventing and counteracting this disease. Exercise is also particularly helpful in preventing diabetes. 

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Cholesterol is a lipid and is a type of blood fat. This fat is a vital component of our cell membranes and also the precursor of certain substances, such as vitamin D. There is the LDL and HDL cholesterol, the bad and the good cholesterol. A high LDL level will lead to vascular calcification, so you should very careful. You should also pay attention to your blood pressure. This term refers to the pressure of blood in the blood vessels. Too high or too low blood pressure is not healthy for our bodies and clearly has a negative impact on them. There are countless ways to adapt the blood pressure to the ideal value.