All Stars HY-PRO DIET Meal

Full Meal Replacement: 21 Delicious Shakes For 1 Week!

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  • 21 delicious shakes for 1 week!
  • Full meal replacement
  • Top-quality

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The composition of the HY-PRO®DIET MEALS developed by the ALL STARS Research Group corresponds exactly to the specifications of the German diet regulations (§14a and §21a DiätVO), for a meal as part of wheight control diet, as well as the guidelines for effective meal replacement.

HY-PRO®DIET MEAL can be used as a complete daily meal replacement (21 servings for 1 week!) or replace individueal meals, during a diet.

SLOW-CARB Formula!
Most diet products contain carbohydrates (eg maltodextrin) with a high glycemic index (GI), which causes a rapid rise in blood sugar leels and a strong insulin release. Carbohydrates with a high GI are not suitable for an effective meal replacement, because a high insulin level inhibits the breakdown of fat. HY-PRO®DIET MEAL contains oats and barley, both carbohydrates with a low GI. After the consumption of HY-PRO®DIET MEAL, there is a relatively constant blood sugar level and a moderate insulin distribution. This creates ideal conditions for an optimal fat loss!

As part of a reduced calorie diet, an adequant protein intake protecs against the loss of valuable musculature. More musculature means a higher calories usage.In short, your body already consumes more calories in the passive state. HY-PRO®DIET MEAL contains high-qualitiy species that provide valuable protein building blocks (amino acids). The risk of a muscle breakdown is reduced by a lack of protein.

Optimal nutrient composition!
To avoid nutrient deficiencies in the diet phase, the nutrient of HY-PRO®DIET MEAL was perfectly synchronized. 100 g powder+ contains 45,9 g protein, 14,8 g carbohydrates (only 3,2 g sugar!) and 9,9 g high-quality fatty acids!

Vitamins, minerals, trace elements plus L-carnitine!
HY-PRO®DIET MEAL provides 12 essential vitamins and 11 minerals/trace elements plus 600 mg L-carnitine.++

High-quality fatty acids!
HY-PRO®DIET MEAL contains an ideal combination of hig-quality fatty acids: conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), medium chain triglycerides (MCT), omega-3 linoleic acid plus!

Valuable fiber!
For an optimal digestion and efficient nutrient utilization HY-PRO®DIET MEAL contains about 10 g of fiber++. The added prebiotic fiber inulin also supports a healthy intestinal flora.

Direction of use:
Add 2 scoops (45g) of HY-PRO® DIET MEAL in 250 ml low-fat milk (1,5% fat) and loosen the powder by vigorously stirring around. The easiest way to prepare it, in in a blender or shaker. Replace 1-3 meals per day with a HY-PRO® DIET MEAL. To achieve weight loss, HY-PRO® DIET MEAL should be taken as part of a low calorie diet. The other meals should be prepared with low-fat or low-carbohydrate (low-calorie) foods, such as fish, poultry, whole grains, fruits, vegetables. For an effective weight reudction, follow the recommended dosage.

Notes: While on a diet, an adequate hydration is to be ensured (2-3 liter of water per day, sugar-free soft drinks, unsweetened herbal and fruit teas). The weight loss is supported by physical activity, expecially sports! If you plan to keep a diet more than 3 weeks, then consult with your doctor first!

Manufacturer: All Stars
Pharmaceutical form: Powder
Exercise Goals: Toning
Allergens: Egg-free
Categories: Minerals & Trace Elements, Fatty Acids, Shakes, Spirutein & Proteins, Weight Loss, Instant drinks, powder & syrups


Nutritional Analysis - taste Vanilla:
(Ingredients for other flavors may vary slightly)

Per 100g powder Per serving (45g) in 250ml milk (1,5% fat) Per 2 servings (90g) in 500ml milk (1,5% fat) Per 3 servings (135g) in 750ml milk (1,5% fat)
1460kJ (346kcal) 1155kJ (274kcal) 2310kJ (548kcal) 3465kJ (822kcal)
Protein 45,7g 28,8g 57,6g 86,4g
Carbohydrates 16,1g 19,3g 38,6g 57,9g
of which sugar 3,1g 13,4g 26,8g 40,2g
Fat 9,8g 8,4g 16,8g 25,2g
of which saturated fatty acids 2,2g 3,5g 7g 10,5g
Fiber 7,7g 3,5g 7g 10,5g
Sodum 0,6g 0,4g 0,8g 1,2g
Vitamin A 600µg 270µg 540µg 810µg
Vitamin D3 3,8µg 1,7µg 3,4µg 5,1µg
Vitamin E 7,5mg 3,5mg 7mg 10,5mg
Vitamin C 45mg 24,5mg 49mg 73,5mg
Vitamin B1 1,1mg 0,6mg 1,2mg 1,8mg
Vitamin B2 1,2mg 1mg 2mg 3mg
Niacin 13,5mg 6,3mg 12,6mg 18,9mg
Vitamin B6 1,5mg 0,8mg 1,6mg 2,4mg
Folic acid 150µg 80µg 160µg 240µg
Vitamin B12 1,2µg 3µg 6µg 9µg
Biotin 112,5µg 60,6µg 121,2µg 181,8µg
Pantothenic acid 4,5mg 2,9mg 5,8mg 8,7mg
Calcium 985,5mg 738mg 1476mg 2214mg
Phosphorus 537,8mg 469,3mg 938,6mg 1407,9mg
Potsassium 2574,8mg 1546mg 3092mg 1638mg
Magnesium 155,6mg 100mg 200mg 300mg
Iron 12mg 5,5mg 11mg 16,5mg
Manganese 0,8mg 0,4mg 0,8mg 1,2mg
Zinc 7,1mg 4,1mg 8,2mg 12,3mg
Iodine 100µg 52,5µg 105µg 157,5µg
Selenium 44,4µg 20µg 40µg 60µg
Copper 0,9mg 0,4mg 0,8mg 1,2mg
Chloride 46,7mg 273,3mg 546,6mg 819,9mg
L-Carnitine 444,4mg 200mg 400mg 600mg
Medium-cain triglycerides 100mg 45mg 90mg 135mg
Conjugated Linoleic acid 100mg 45mg 90mg 135mg
Linoleic acid 3333,3mg 1568mg 3136mg 4704mg
Omega-3-fatty acids 100mg 45mg 90mg 135mg

Whey protein concntrate, oats, milk protein, orange fiber, acidity regulator potassium citrate,barley flour, sunflower oil (linoleic acid), inulin, sodium citrate, calcium phosphate, potassium phosphate, flavoring, soy protein isolate, magnesium, L-carnitine, fish oil (omega-3), sweetener acesulfame K, acid tartaric acid, conjugated linoleic acid powder (CLA), ferrous gluconate, medium-chain triglycerides powder (MCT), sweetener sucralose, zinc gluconate, ascorbic acid, nicotinamide, DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, manganese gluconate, copper gluconate, D-calcium panthothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, thiamine hydrochloride, color beta-carotene, retinyl acetate, folic acid, potassium iodide, biotin, sodium selenate, cholecalciferol, cyanocobalamin. Allergenic substances according to Directive 2003/89/EC Annex IIIa or potential allergens: Cereals containing gluten and gluten-containing grain products, fish and fish-products, soybeans and soy products, milk and milk products (including lactose).

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