Maharishi Ayurveda  Massage Oil Vata

An elegant massage oil with a high percentage of Ayurvedic herbs

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Reduces vata
  • Mature sesame oil
  • Contains diverse herbal essences

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In addition to Ayurvedic herbs, country mallow, winter-flowering cherry, field bindweed and mimosa can also be found in the product. The harmonious combination is perfect for your skin.


  • Use your fingers and palms to massage into your skin.

Full Body Massage

  • Start at the head and rub the whole scalp vigorously. Work your way down the face and gently massage your ears, forehead and neck. Then massage your arms, hands and fingers.
  • Keep in mind to use long straight massage strokes down the long bones of the body. Massage the joints using circular movements from the inside out.
  • When using circular movements, always massage in a clockwise direction.
  • A daily massage using warm oil about 15 minutes before a bath or a shower is recommended.


  • The oil is also suitable for a foot massage at bedtime.
Manufacturer: Maharishi Ayurveda
Pharmaceutical form: Care & Cosmetics
Doshas: Vata
Ayurvedic Products: Massage Oils