Sensilab's Products for Heart, Circulation & Urinary Tract

The heart and circulatory system are related, representing what is essentially a complex transport system whose task it is to provide each cell with oxygen and nutrients. Thus, this system is essential to life.

Heart, Circulation & Urinary Tract: 5 products


  • Sensilab Urifar Improved
    • Pomegranate flavouring
    • Easy dosing
  • Sensilab SensOmega

    Sensilab SensOmega

    60 softgels
    • Pure fish oil from sardines and anchovies
    • Contains ALA, DHA and EPA
    • 60 softgels
  • Sensilab TiroLux

    Sensilab TiroLux

    60 capsules
    • With brown algae as a mineral source
    • With schisandra and basil
    • 60 chasps
  • Sensilab Vitamin C 180mg

    Sensilab Vitamin C 180mg

    40 effervescent tablets
    • 180 mg of vitamin C per effervescent tablet
    • With a fresh lemon flavour
    • 40 effervescent tablets
  • Sensilab Cold Stop
    • Herbal nutrients and antioxidants
    • High natural vitamin C content
    • With raspberry flavour

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The urinary tracking includes all organs that collect and remove urine. If there are problems in this sequence or these organs, these problems may lead to involuntary urine loss.