Panaceo Smart

Gets you thinking!

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Strengthens concentration, memory and learning.

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Your advantage:

The constant flow of information required a lot from our brains.
More and more knowledge has to be processed faster, filtered and memorized.
The demands on the memory, concentration and learning ability has to rise daily from young student, college students to managers.

The effect:

  • PANACEO Smart gives the body rest and offers a unique combination of natural ingredients to protect and support the brain and nervous system.
  • PANACEO Smart has a positive effect on your memory, promotes learning and improves concentration.
  • PANACEO Smart is the ideal support for the daily brain work from youth to old age.

3 times daily, take 2 -3 capsules with water at mealtimes. Duration of use: Take for several months (3-6) at least, per year.

Smart Ingredients

1 capsule contains:
Zeolite (detoxification and antioxidant)
Ginkgo Biloba (promotes the learning abilities)
Incense(Up to 90% memory improvement)
Dolomite (100% natural magnesium and calcium)

Capsule: 100% plant cellulose
This is considered a medical product

Manufacturer: Panaceo
Pharmaceutical form: Capsule

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