Natural Power Fat Attack

the natural appetite blocker

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  • Reduces the desire for food, thus the body is forced to replace the missing energy through the fat stored in the body, and reduces it continuously. Box à 100 m with 90 capsules

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Information about the plant:
Hoodia gordonii, often referred to as just Hoodia or true Hoodia Cactus, is not a cactus but a succulent plant, which belongs to the subfamily of flowering plants in the Asclepiadoideae, and only reminds of cacti due to its form. The main distribution area is located in the very salt dry Namibia Kalahari desert.

Information to its History:
The Khoi-San (Bushmen) in southern Africa call the plant "Kowa". They appreciate the plant for generations for its hunger reducing effect. Historical tales tell that during times of adversity and long periods of hunting where the hunters could not eat the imposed game, but had to save it for everyone in the village, they staved off hunger and thirst for days with the slightly bitter pieces of the Hoodia plant. The appetite-inhibiting property of the Hoodia gordonii became only known in the 1960s, as South African soldiers noticed the appetite considerable effect. At that time they had used Bushmen as Trackers in the war in Angola, and they could be without food and drink for an extended time. Instead, they again and again, ate a piece of Hoodia.

Information to the effectivness:
The active ingredient of the Hoodia plant reports an always sufficiently high blood sugar level to the brain. Through this fact the desire for food intake is considerably reduced and inevitably less calories are consumed. The body is automatically forced to replace the missing energy through the fat stored in the body by the reduced energy consumption, and thereby continuously reduces the fat.

What you also should know:
The growing demand for Hoodia unfortunately rapidly decreased the naturally growing stocks in the wild. For this reason, we process only raw Hoodia materials which come exclusively from plantation breeding in Fat Attack.

Diet Tip:
To achieve an even faster success in your diet, you can combine Fat Attack with additional Natural Power products available, diet shakes, HCA, and Chitosan.

In Fat Attack we only use pure and Hoodia raw materials exclusively from the the Namibian Kalahari desert.

Because our products are used in international sports for years, it is our highest priority to guarantee 100% drug free quality products for our customers.

1 Capsule right before a main meal / max. daily dosage = 3 Kapseln

Fat Attack Ingredients

Nutrition Facts per Tablet:

Calories 0,35kcal / 1,49kJ
Protein 0,00g
Carbohydrates 0,07g
Fat 0,01g

Inulin, Hoodia gordonii extract (100 mg per capsule), magnesium stearate, Gelatine capsules

Manufacturer: Natural Power
Pharmaceutical form: Capsule
Exercise Goals: Toning
Categories: Weight Loss, Plant Extracts

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