Mangostan Gold Enzym Gold

Natural plant enzymes

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • The power of nature for the building blocks of life!
  • Regulates the conversion of nutrients into energy and cell-builders!
  • 60 capsules

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Enzymes are needed in the immune system to compensate for intestinal stress and inflammatory metabolic processes.

Athletes are also affected by inflammatory processes (eg in the joints). These processes use up the available enzymes more quickly.

Nutrition Notes:

  • Calorific value per capsule 2.5 kJ (0.6 kcal)
  • Suitable for diabetics (<0.02 BE)
  • Gluten & Lactose Free
  • No artificial sweeteners, colorings, flavorings or preservatives

Directions for use:
2 x 1 capsule regulates the conversion of nutrients into energy and cell-builders.

Manufacturer: Mangostan Gold
Pharmaceutical form: Capsule
Categories: Enzymes & Probiotics


Ingredients: in g per 100 g: in mg per 2 capsule
Maccawurzelpulver 21.73 210.0
Mate tea 20,70 200.0
Papain (papaya enzyme) 16.23 156.8
Brombeerlain (pineapple enzyme) 8.11 78.4
Pancreatin 3.73 36.0
Ginger powder 3.10 30.0
Saw Palmetto 1.66 16.0
Thyme powder 1.14 11.0
Cayenne Pepper 1.03 10.0
L-carnitine 1.03 10.0
Algae extract (phycocyanin) 0.72 7.0
Ficin (fig enzyme) 0.41 5.0
Tartaric acid 0.52 4.0
Gelatin (capsule) 19.87

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