Delivery & Dispatch

How high are the delivery costs?

CountryValue of goods (incl. VAT)Delivery costs (incl. VAT)*
Austriafrom € 39,90free delivery
from € 0,00€ 4,90

* These delivery costs are applicable to standard shipping. There may be additional costs, e.g. due to the weight, size or properties of the products. You can find this information in the product description.

When will I receive my order?

You can find the estimated delivery date for your order in your confirmation email.

The estimated dispatch date for each individual product can be seen directly on the product page of our website. The estimated delivery date for your entire order can be seen in your shopping basket as soon as you've added your delivery address and selected your preferred shipping company.

Please note that our parcels are dispatched from our warehouse in Austria. For this reason, parcels are not processed and do not ship on Austrian public holidays. Our customer care team is also not available on Austrian holidays. We'll be back, newly energised, after the holidays are over.

My parcel has disappeared. What should I do?

Please check the status of your order again via your order confirmation. If you see the status "Delivered" in your order, you should have received a notification card from the delivery service. Your parcel may also have been delivered to a neighbour.

If your order still hasn't turned up, please write us using the contact form. We will do our best to find your parcel and, if needed, will contact the delivery company to request an investigation.

My parcel arrived damaged. What should I do?

We're so sorry if your parcel was damaged in transit!

Were any products in the parcel damaged?
Please take pictures of any damage to the outside of the parcel as well as any damage to the products immediately. Be sure to keep the damaged items and the damaged parcel. We need these items for the compensation claim. Report the damage here.

Are the products you ordered undamaged?
If only the packaging itself has been damaged, and you want to return something, you can simply use different packaging for the return shipment.

If your parcel is visibly damaged upon delivery, please choose the option to accept the parcel with reservation and sign. If this option is not available, please do not accept the parcel.

Our Packaging

We care about the environment! Our packaging material is completely plastic-free, and a very high percentage is also made of recycled material. We occasionally do reuse packaging materials that we receive from our suppliers. These materials may be made of plastic. Thank you for understanding that reusing materials whenever possible is important to us, as it greatly reduces waste.

Delivery Services

Our delivery services always try to deliver your order as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, please understand that there may be delays in delivery from time to time, mostly due to weather or traffic conditions.

The Austrian Post

In Austria your order will be delivered by Austrian Post. If you order by Tuesday 13:00 o'clock and the products you order are in stock, your order will be processed on the same day. Delivery takes place in 2 business days after dispatch.

You'll receive a confirmation email directly after you've completed your order. On the evening of the day of dispatch, you'll receive a dispatch confirmation email with your personal tracking number. You can use your tracking number to track your parcel.

Your tracking information may take up to 48 hours to activate.

The estimated delivery date of your order will be displayed next to each product on our website, as well as in your shopping basket. You can find more information about receiving your parcel here.

Same Day Delivery, Next Day Delivery

Delivery Via Bicycle Courier or E-Car

We offer customers in downtown Graz a special service: Receive your parcel in a flash via your local bicycle courier or electric car! Enjoy quick, CO₂ neutral delivery. We charge additional processing fees of only € 4,90 for same day delivery.

What are the prerequisites for selecting this type of delivery?

  1. Select "Same Day Delivery" as your shipping option in the check-out process.
  2. Your order must be placed by 12:00 p.m. in Vienna, or by 13:30 in Graz.
  3. The products in your order must be in stock and the order must be paid for immediately.
  4. The products you order must weigh 31.5 kg or less.

Deliveries take place Monday to Friday after 5 p.m. You'll receive a confirmation message by email immediately after your order is placed.

  • If our delivery team does not reach you during their first delivery attempt, they'll call you to organise a new delivery time.

What happens if you order after the deadline?

  • Your purchase will be delivered using Next Day Delivery on the next available business day.

Important information:

  • We need your phone number so that we can contact you during your delivery.
  • Furthermore, you must use an immediate form of payment. Bank transfers are the only type of payment that cannot be used.

Same Day Delivery is available for the following postcodes:

Graz: 8010, 8020, 8036, 8041, 8042, 8043, 8047, 8053, 8055

Express Delivery

UPS Express

Countryup to 1 kgup to 2 kgup to 5 kgup to 10 kgup to 20 kgup to 30 kgup to 70 kg
Austria€ 10,50€ 11,00€ 11,50€ 12,00€ 14,50€ 22,50€ 29,50

If the order exceeds 70kg, the cost of the additional weight is added. This means that if the order weighs 80kg, the cost is the sum of 70kg plus 10kg. For example, if the order weighs 143kg, the amount to be paid is the cost of 70kg plus 70kg plus 3kg.

With our logistics partners we offer you, in addition to the standard shipping methods, the possibility of express delivery. Products that are in stock and ordered by Tuesday 13:00 o'clock can be sent express at your request. This means that you will receive your parcel in all European conurbations on the very next working day!

Products that are not in stock can also be delivered by express. Delivery will be made as soon as the products are in stock.

You will find the selection for express ordering in the ordering process - here you will be offered this option. (Unfortunately, this service is not available for all countries.) The surcharge for express delivery is individual depending on the delivery location.

Customs Clearance

We're located in Austria, which is part of the European Union. For orders placed within the European Union, VAT is included in the total purchasing price. This means that orders that are delivered to countries within the EU do not incur any additional fees.

Please note: There are some exceptions to this rule! Regions like Heligoland, the Canary Islands and the Åland Islands may incur extra costs for taxes and customs fees.

Special shipping methods

Additional costs will be charged for shipping certain items due to their properties and the special handling they require. Additional charges that may be incurred are calculated independently of the shipping costs.
This information is displayed on the product information page.

Forwarding Agent

If you discover that a product will be shipped by a forwarding agent, you can rest assured that it will be packed with the utmost care. In such cases, a special service is provided to ensure that the forwarding meets you in person to hand over the goods. The forwarding agent will contact you by telephone and arrange a delivery date with you. We, therefore, request that you provide us with a telephone number where you can be reached.

Furthermore, please note that the forwarding agent is only obliged to make the delivery to the curbside of your address. From this point on, the goods are considered to have been delivered and handed over to the recipient.
We ask that you keep this in mind on the day of delivery and make arrangements to transport the goods yourself from here on.

Bulky Goods

Items are classified as bulky goods if they require special shipping due to their size or weight. Due to these factors, such items require special handling during the shipping process.

Refrigerated Shipping

Refrigerated shipping will be used to transport all items that need to be refrigerated in our warehouse as well as during transport. This allows us to ensure that the products are fresh and in good condition when you receive them.

Special Shipping Methods and Processing Costs

We also offer products that require special handling during the packaging and shipping process or are shipped from a different location (usually the manufacturer's location).

Delivery to Packstations

Pickup Stations

By creating a customer account, you have the option of saving a list of different delivery addresses in your account. A parcel can also be shipped to an Austrian Post pickup station in your region.

Simply click on "Add a Pickup Station" in the checkout process and select your desired pickup station.

UPS Access Point

By creating a customer account, you have the option of saving a list of different delivery addresses in your account. A parcel can also be shipped to a UPS Access Point of your choice.

These Access Points form part of the UPS network, allowing you to pick up your parcel from a location close to your home or place of work. The UPS Access Point locations include newsagents, supermarkets, and groceries stores. Each Access Point has their own opening hours and services.

Simply click on "New UPS Access Point" button at checkout and select a UPS Access Point in your area.