Premium CBD and hemp products by Hanfgarten

Hanfgarten has stood for the highest quality and an extensive selection of hemp and CBD products for years. You could say that Hanfgarten is at least as versatile as the hemp plant itself - a useful plant with over 120 known active ingredients that has been cultivated for centuries. The best-known active ingredient in hemp is CBD. CBD, short for cannabidiol, belongs to the active ingredient group of cannabinoids and can be found in their most popular products.

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Premium Quality

  • CBD flowers are selected and rated by the cannabis sommelier at Hanfgarten. Only the best varieties make it into their pretty black glass jars.
  • Very important: the hemp used in CBD production impresses with its aroma and taste but does not contain more than 0.2% THC. Of course, this also applies to all CBD oils on offer. Extracted in the full spectrum, they unfold their full potential.


  • Hanfgarten pays attention to sustainability in production as well as in the entire value creation process. Located in Kalsdorf near Graz (Austria), Hanfgarten stands for healthy growth, Austrian quality and innovative products.

Products by Experts

  • Premium quality applies to all products by Hanfgarten. The Hanfgarten Premium CBD brand is selected by experts according to strict quality criteria.