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Duracell is a leading global manufacturer of high-performance alkaline batteries, specialty cells and rechargeable batteries. Since the company was founded in the 1940s, Duracell has become an iconic power source brand, trusted for its compact and long-lasting batteries. And known for the Duracell bunny.

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Ensuring quality and reducing environmental impact

  • Duracell quality assurance is built on the highest quality raw materials and rigorous inspection testing for performance and energy consumption, exceeding the requirements of the ISO 9000 standard.
  • Every single battery undergoes quality control before leaving production to ensure maximum performance.
  • Thanks to Duracell's unique "POWERCHECK™", consumers are able to immediately check the charge level of a Duracell battery and give it a second life in another device with lower energy requirements. This creates added value for our end users and helps reduce waste.
  • Meanwhile, Duracell's superior alkaline batteries have been free of heavy metals for decades.