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MacaGuarana Plus

MacaGuarana Plus with vitamin E

  • Supplementation with caffeine from guarana and Vitamin E. Maca plus veg 90 Capsules.

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  • Item number: MG1113, Content: 90 Capsules
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Content: 90 Capsules

 for € 14,99 
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Supplementation with caffeine from guarana and Vitamin E. Maca plus veg 90 Capsules.

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    • Free Delivery to Germany.
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ZeinPharma MacaGuarana Plus
ZeinPharma MacaGuarana Plus

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The Maca-root contains much valuable protein, iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, carbohydrates, phosphorus, sugar, starch, important minerals, and almost all the vitamins that make this preparation a real all-rounder among nutritional supplements. Guaran Powder possesses the same, refreshing effect as a cup of coffee. However, the stimulating substance is released gradually, contrary to the caffeine contained in coffee. Therefore, the effect lasts four to six hours. The difference in effect is caused by the fact that the caffeine in the Guaran seeds is bound to tannins, which have to be disintegrated first before the caffeine is released and can unfold its effect. Maca + Guaran is ideally attuned with Vitamin E as a vital substance for the increase of performance.

Recommended intake: 2 capsules daily with water

MacaGuarana Plus Ingredients

ingredients1 capsule contains2 capsules contain
maca powder350 mg700 mg
guarana powder100 mg200 mg
vitamin E15 mg (150%*)30 mg (300 %*)
caffeine3,5 mg7 mg

Recommended daily allowance  acoording to NKV and EU

Manufacturer: ZeinPharma
ZeinPharma MacaGuarana Plus

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