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The Natural Carb Blocker!

  • The active ingredient of HCA reduces the fatty acids by approx. 70%
  • Excellent effect as a reliable natural Appetitblocker
  • Box à 990 mg 90 capsules

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Content: 90 Capsules

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Natural Power HCA
Natural Power HCA

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HCA (hydroxy-citric-acid) is a purely herbal natural product which is derived from the tropical plant of Garcinia Cambogia. Scientific studies of Brandeis University show that the active ingredient of HCA reduces the fatty acids to approx. 70%.

The active ingredient of HCA actively intervenes in the metabolism of fat and blocks the liver enzyme citrate lyase. This liver enzyme has the task to convert the ingested carbohydrates from the diet to fatty acids. These are burned depending on the energy needs of the body or stored in unwanted fat deposits.

Since the body needs fatty acids to maintain its vital functions, the HCA's fat deposits are mobilized and are used as an energy supplier. Due to the loss of existing body fat, the desired weight loss is seen already after about 2 weeks.
HCA is a reliable natural Appetite blocker, which reduces the craving for food and has a positive effect on cholesterol levels due to its excellent effect. HCA is offered in gelatine capsules, guaranteeing a rapid absorption into the body.

For people who have trouble swallowing capsules, it is advisable to open the capsules by pulling apart and then consume the content with a little water. To achieve a more rapid success, it is advisableto combine the HCA with the available Natural Power® product line Chitosan, as well as the diet shake of Dr. Eisen.

The raw materials of hydroxy citric acid used in HCA is guaranteed 100% resin-free and can therefore safely be eaten.

Since our products are used in international sporting events for years, it is our highest priority to guarantee to our customers a 100% doping free product quality.

Take 3 x 2-3 capsules a day 30 minutes before major meals.

Manufacturer: Natural Power
Sports Application: Toning
Proper Application: Before Sport
Categories: Weight Loss, Plant and Herb capsules

Nutrition per 6 capsules = day portion:

PH value. 16, 32kJ / 69, 36kcal
Protein 0, 00 g
Carbohydrates 4, 08 g
Fat 0, 00 g

Composition: HCA 3%-97% (hydroxy-citric-acid from Garcinia Cambogia), lactose, Gelantinekapsel

Natural Power HCA

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