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Daniel Zellan, a passionate martial artist, was inspired to create the veganpower brand after an allergy scare in 2011. Since changing to a vegan diet, his life has fundamentally changed. The veganpower brand was founded in 2012. The 4 principles of the brand are clean ingredients, good taste, the best raw materials and simplicity.

These products are perfect for days when you feel like you're running from one things to the next. Plant-based sports nutrition can be enjoyed any time of day. Veganpower products are gluten-free, soy-free and GMO-free. They have flavour and are preservative-free. Benefit from certified regional ingredients with a natural taste, perfect consistency and perfect solubility. For each product sold, veganpower® donates 10 cents to an animal protection organization selected by the company.

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  • veganpower COMPLETE PROTEIN
    • Creamy, chocolatey shake
    • High-quality ingredients
    • Complete amino acid profile
  • veganpower VHEY PROTEIN
    • Different flavours
    • An alternative to whey protein
    • With low-allergen pea protein
  • veganpower BURN

    veganpower BURN

    60 capsules
    • The best of nature
    • Combination of special ingredients
    • With green coffee bean extract
  • veganpower STRONG

    veganpower STRONG

    120 capsules
    • Professional formula
    • Perfect for strength & endurance sports
    • With creatine HCL & pineapple enzymes
  • veganpower IMMUNITY
    • A special mixture of nutrients
    • Plant extracts
    • Perfect during cold season
  • veganpower HEAL

    veganpower HEAL

    120 capsules
    • Extremely high-quality materials
    • With Indian frankincense & organic sulfur
  • veganpower SLEEP & RELAX
    • Use after a long day
    • With valerian root extract & magnesium
    • Highest quality raw materials
  • veganpower TESTO

    veganpower TESTO

    120 capsules
    • High-quality product
    • Flawless, natural ingredients
    • With vitamin B3 & zinc
  • veganpower MASS GAINER
    • Delicious chocolate flavour
    • Perfectly balanced carbohydrates
    • Broad spectrum of amino acids
  • veganpower REPAIR

    veganpower REPAIR

    90 capsules
    • Contains zinc, vitamin B6 & magnesium
    • Use after training
  • veganpower All You NEED
    • Special composition
    • 26 vitamins, minerals
    • Antioxidants & plant extracts

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