Tuesday, 04. November 2014

Vitamin C - Healthy Doping Prevents Colds!

Vitamin C, aka ascorbic acid or C6H8O6, was discovered in 1912 and is still recognized for its significance for the human body. 1912 was a time when sailors suffering from scury, a vitamin C deficiency, began listing nasty side effects like bleeding gums among their complaints. Additionally, history remembers the 100 members of Vasco da Gama's 160-man crew, for whom the trip to the African Cape of Good Hope in 1498 became lethal, partially because their susceptibility to infection was greatly increased by a lack of vitamin C. 

Scurvy is not an issue in Europe today, but the issue of vitamin C is. More people need to know that vitamin C is a highly effective supporter of the immune system. Especially now in the fall, when a cold could be lurking around any corner, it is healthier to be one hundred percent protected with vitamin C.

Officially, 100 milligrams is the daily requirement of pure vitamin C recommended - but there are some situations where the body needs much more vitamin C. For example, under periods of heavy stress or high physical activity, vitamin C helps to protect the body's cells from the oxidative stress that comes with increased muscular work. The cold, wet season is one of the situations that calls for a higher intake in vitamin C. Vitamin C stimulates the production of antibodies and keeps white blood cells supplied with the necessary energy sources to fight infection.

This said, there is no such thing as a vitamin C overdose. When vitamin C levels become too high, the excess vitamin C is simply excreted by the kidneys. Therefore, it makes sense to consider a sustained-release product that gradually releases vitamin C to the body.

Of course you can also try to get your vitamin C requirement for a balanced diet. The power foods acerola (1500 mg per 100 gr), rose hips (1200 mg), blackcurrant (170 mg), parsley (160 mg), cabbage, broccoli, peppers (100 mg), lemons, oranges (50 mg), veal or beef liver (40 mg) all contain vitamin C. In autumn it is extremely useful to support the body with an additional vitamin C in take. Supplements like sea buckthorn fruit capsules , a complex acerola or rosehip powder can definitely help.