Vemma Premix is Back at Discounted Prices

Monday, 06. June 2016

Vemma Premix is Back at Discounted Prices

Vemma, the maker of the best-selling liquid supplements from the USA is back! Now it is exclusively available at discount prices at VitalAbo

Vemma is an acronym for:

  • V itamins
  • E ssential
  • M inerals
  • angostan
  • A loe vera

Vemma is a liquid premium dietary supplement with high bioavailability thanks to the high-quality ingredients. It contains 12 essential vitamins, more than 65 plant-based minerals, mangosteen, aloe vera and decaffeinated green tea. Only four tablespoons of this beverage contains a large percentage of the required daily micronutrients and vitamins, etc. 
Vemma is free from gluten, soy and lactose. In addition, artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors were deliberately omitted from the beverage. The packaging is also BPA free.
Let's look at a few ingredients included in the drink more closely, as they may not be so well known.

What is mangosteen?

The name "Mangosteen" comes from the Malay language and refers to a tropical tree with edible fruit that grows in Southeast Asia. The fruits from this tree can be called superfoods because they are exceptionally rich in antioxidants. They have been used in Asian folk medicine for a very long time. In particular, the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of the fruit are highly value. 

The abundant fruit phytochemicals such as polyphenols and xanthones found in the fruit contribute to their healthy properties. The xanthones are considered especially important natural antioxidants, and mangosteens represents one of the richest sources for them.
Thanks to a unique extraction process, Vemma uses the juice from the entire fruit, including the peel, which is particularly rich in polyphenols. This makes the juice particularly healthy. 

Why does the juice contain aloe vera?

Aloe vera is considered the queen of medicinal plants. It has been used for healing purposes for thousands of years. The Aloe vera plant store waters in a kind of gel that contains nearly 200 different active ingredients. That makes this plant so effective as a medicinal plant. The cosmetic industry has discovered the beneficial properties for themselves, but the juice of the plant can also be drunk. The natural glyconutrients also play a role in its healthy properties.

Why is decaffeinated green tea?

Green tea is highly valued in Asia, especially because there are many studies that indicate possible health benefits and antioxidant effects of green tea. Since not all people can tolerate caffeine, Vemma chooses to use decaf tea.