More Energy Throughout the Day - Scotty, More Power!!

Tuesday, 05. May 2015

More Energy Throughout the Day - Scotty, More Power!!

Do you get enough sleep, yet you're constantly tired, distracted and inefficient? Do you dread waking up to face another day? Do you lack the desire to do anything? Lack a real appetite for food or fun? Do you find it hard to concentrate? 

The advice we often receive in moments like these borders on mundane "have a cold shower in the morning, so you wake up," is just one of the many pieces of well-meant advice. " Get a little more exercise" people say, "go for a walk!" Sometimes, no matter what you try, nothing seems to help.

The first thing you can do in a situation like this is check your blood-work. Are you lacking vitamins, minerals or hormones? Once you realize what element you are lacking, you'll be able to find the right supplement to get you back on track again. Lo and behold, once you figure out what you are missing, the fatigue vanishes the moment you start to correct it. Offering many different types of energy supplements to help you correct your energy level, we're sure you can find something that works. 

Sometimes the reason for fatigue can be found in poor diets, excessive drainage etc. Sometimes we have an oversupply of vitamins or trace elements in our bodies and we are overwhelmed. Sometimes an incorrect intake of vitamins leaves us sluggish and unmotivated. 

Here is a brief checklist of what may be missing in cases of short term fatigue: 
Iron deficiency - without the trace element iron, our blood gets too little oxygen, inhibiting our cells and making it harder for us to work efficiently
• Too little magnesium impairs muscle function - and that manifests itself not only in spasms or cramps, but also makes for driving problems, anxiety and exhaustion.
Calcium: here the situation is reversed - if we have too much calcium in our bodies, it can also cause feelings of fatigue.
• A natural opponent of exhaustion, however, is the vitamin B12
• And very important: get enough liquid, ie water! Without drinking enough you will also tire quickly, and feel unfocused and listless.
• exercise is also a proven remedy to drive away fatigue, try it for a few days before giving up!