Go Stronger with Feinstoff

Tuesday, 28. February 2017

Go Stronger with Feinstoff

Committed to Ayurveda

Inspired by ayurvedic teachings, Feinstoff started out making their effective teas. They soon expanded their range. Today this range includes a wide array of superfoods, plant powders and seeds that follow the Ayurvedic Rasayanas.


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For each product, Feinstoff focuses on the holistic effect of food. You can make subtle changes in your diet that have a huge increase on your feelings of wellbeing. Since Feinstoff is very concerned with the nutrients in their products, the high vitamin content in their foods and supplements makes a great contribution to your health. 

In selecting their ingredients, only the best products are used. All their ingredients are:

  • organic
  • vegan
  • natural
  • pure
  • in raw food quality
  • unaltered in terms of taste, color and fragrance

Why Ayurveda?

The Indian teachings of Ayurveda are several thousand years old. Translated, the term means roughly "Science of Life". The digestive system play an important role in Ayurveda. According to ayurvedic teachings, impaired digestive function is the cause of many diseases. Finally, the body is only able to absorb nutrient properly when a healthy digestive tract is intact. 

What our customers are saying about Feinstoff:

"I tried your Acai Bowl for breakfast- it was SO good!"

"My morning smoothie wouldn't be the same without Feinstoff ❤️"

"A day without Feinstoff smoothies ... unthinkable ... I love the energy they give me!"

"I love your products! We use your superfoods daily in our family of athletes!.
"Since we've changed our diets, we find we have a lot more energy. Bottom line - Feinstoff is the best!"

Why choose Feinstoff?

Whether you believe in Ayurvedic teachings or not, one thing is undeniable: these teachings offer a lot of valuable and effective tips for a healthy, balanced life.

Many people are aware of the many benefits of healthy eating, but can't seem to keep up with a healthy lifestyle because they are so busy. That's a problem.

This is why Feinstoff was looking for a simple way to help people to improve their digestive health. Therefore, their superfoods are ground into fine powders that are easy to digest and are immediately bioavailable.

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